Create Art. Create Identity. Create Possibilities.

We want our stories told.

We want a place to do it.

This is the place.

Because Our Stories Matter

Mission Statement

Lucky Chaos produces creative works by Asian American as well as other under-represented voices. We work to increase dialogue through live performances, film and digital content, and our education program. Create Art. Create Identity. Create Possibilities. Play On!

A Brief History

Lucky Chaos was founded in 2012 by Leng Wong, currently the Executive Director. Since 2012, we have produced over 60 productions with many theatrical productions playing to capacity crowds.

Our Philosophy

We believe in actively engaging Austinites to write about their personal experiences. This approach has brought authenticity into our projects that everyone can relate to.  We look at stories that are seldom told in popular culture and engage with possible contributors who live the experience so the stories are honest.  We believe our community feels more connected when more of our invisible members share their stories.  We constantly collaborate with directors and performers from all cultural and performance backgrounds. We have found that performers in our productions thrive in an environment where diversity collaborates.   For marginalized communities, seeing your life and experiences reflected on stage and film is empowering.

“Using the vehicle of humor and various performance art forms, I want to illuminate our commonality of being different.” -Leng Wong, Director