This is the forefront of our founding principle. Representation matters. It matters in the creation of stories, and the performing of stories. We believe in providing space to minorities to tell their stories in addition to ensuring there is appropriate and adequate representation in our projects.

Stereotypes hurt. They cause physical harm (even death), mental anguish, reduced opportunities to make a living, and many other issues. To battle stereotypes, we have to expose ourselves beyond what is fed to us in mainstream media. Our projects explore full, rounded, multi-dimensional characters. We have to learn about each other on an INDIVIDUAL level, through regular, authentic sharing of stories. This is why, in addition to storytelling in live theater, videos and podcasts, we also hold community events.

We foster and practice the philosophy that continuous active learning of what is different is essential. We need to normalize “being different” as a positive.

How do we do this? These are the ways we have and will continue to use to accomplish this goal:

  • Produce stories from point of view of artists of color
  • At least two of the 3 major roles – writer, director and lead role, will be from the cultural group in the story’s subject matter
“Using the vehicle of humor and various performance art forms, I want to illuminate our commonality of being different.” -Leng Wong, Director