Lucky Chaos’ Education program offer classes aligned with the Lucky Chaos Creative Process (LCCP), our proprietary curriculum, and classes lead by artists from underrepresented communities.

Lucky Chaos Creative Process (LCCP)

Over the years, we have received a great deal of positive feedback from participants of our workshops and from performers in our productions regarding our creative process. Based on our experiences and public feedback, we have honed a process that is compassionate while promoting fearlessness. That is the foundation of the Lucky Chaos Creative Process (LCCP) curriculum which builds and targets the cultivation of deep awareness of our mental self, our emotional self, and our physical self. We provide students with techniques and skills to create art from a place of truth and self-discovery.

“Role Models Matter” Initiative

 In addition to classes aligned with the LCCP, we also hold classes taught by respected and accomplished artists of color in Austin. This will range from voice classes to stunt fighting.  

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“Using the vehicle of humor and various performance art forms, I want to illuminate our commonality of being different.” -Leng Wong, Director