How To Get Involved

Top 12 Ways to Get Involved with LuckyChaos Theatre Projects

1. Volunteer

Please email us if you are interested in any of the following volunteer opportunities:


  • Running concessions
  • Ushering
  • Working Box Office
  • Opening house
  • Other

2.  Partner with us

For a play you would like to have Lucky Chaos Produce.


3. Become a Sponsor

For an event. Have your name or your company name highlighted in our program by being one of our sponsors.

Other Way to Get Involved:

4. Buying some of our merchandise like a t-shirt or a sticker

5. Pitching a sketch idea

6. Directing

7. Auditioning for one of our performances

8. Coming up with a podcast

9. Signing up for one of our many open mic nights

10. Taking one of our classes

11. Telling your friends about us

12. Liking us on Facebook

“Using the vehicle of humor and various performance art forms, I want to illuminate our commonality of being different.” -Leng Wong, Director